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Tenuta Casteani offers the opportunity to visit our cellar to discover the wine making process and taste the wine directly from where the vinification and refinement take place.

Upon reservation, we offer different packages and we can create new ones according to your taste and needs as well as the number of people.

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This one hour tour will walk you through the wine cellar, giving you a chance to learn about our wine production steps. You will discover how the practice of fermentation unfolds and how our constant desire to learn and experiment with different procedures has lead to the creation of wines with unique characteristics. You will be invited to taste three or six of our wines and enjoy them with a homemade or locally and organically sourced sample of distinctive products.

  • 22,00 euros for three wines per person
  • 26,00 euros for five wines per person
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This ethnobotanical tour lasts two hours and invites you into the holistic complexity of the Casteani wine resort ecosystem.

We will tour you both through the vineyard and the woodlands to experience a wider understanding of how our wine is closely interconnected and dependent on the surrounding nature. Our walk will begin in the vineyard, where we will clarify how the richness of this land’s soil and climate have determined this land’s mining past and has recently given it a chance to renew its cultural and ecological identity through wine production. We will cut across the Mediterranean scrub area, to identify some of its characteristic trees and plants to discover their ecological, healing and nutritional qualities and how their taste may be complemented to our wine.

We will then tour the cellar, refer to some historical uses of wine and clarify the different steps of our wine production, shaped by constant desire to experiment and learn. Finally, you will have the chance of tasting our wines and savour both homemade or locally and organically sourced products, inspired by some of the plants we met on
our walk.

  • 26,00 Euro for three wines per person
  • 32,00 euros for five wines per perosn
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The Estate

The Winery, the beating heart of the Estate, was built in 2014 on two floors, and is located right in front of the vineyard, as this proximity allows us to start working on the grapes immediately after harvesting, to avoid traumas and premature fermentation. The cellar is located in the lower level of the building where the vinification takes place in stainless steel tanks while the aging occurs in barrels, barriques and earthenware jars. In addition, a reserved area has been designed and completely dedicated to the vinification of the line of wines without added sulfites.

Tenuta Casteani is a sustainable company!

The company has a 700 kilowatt photovoltaic system (since January 2012, 2,441 MWh of energy was produced and 1.587 tonnes of CO2 were saved).

We are used to collect rainwater, we use pellets for the production of heat, for years we have been making compost and we recycle. The vineyard is in biological conversion and we are expecting to receive the organic certification in the next two years

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Tenuta Casteani

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